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still life prints

For centuries, artists have chosen the subject of still life. It is a broad genre that involves anything with a subject matter that does not move. A classic variation of a still life print or painting is of a bowl of fruit, vases and flowers on a table. However, they can feature many different man-made or natural inanimate objects. Vincent van Gogh’s Flowers of the post-impressionist period, is the first modern example that comes to mind. Cubist and Pop Art artists also favoured still life, from commercial objects to technological inventions. 

The reason behind a still life print or painting could be symbolic and reveal a hidden story, such as Harmen Steenwyck’s work. As an owner of a still life print or painting, it can reflect an opulent lifestyle or status, depending on what the image depicts. It could be used to demonstrate the artist’s skill and technique, such as the cubist painters.

It could also be used, as Henri Matisse did, as a controlled subject to express visual elements of the painting itself. Alternatively, it could be as simple as to capture the beauty of an object such as a flower. This idea that there is beauty in humble, everyday objects was consistent in Jean Baptise Simeon Chardin’s work.

Still life became recognised as a distinct genre among Western art by the late 16th century. However, still life paintings existed well before this time, dating back to Egypt in the 15th century BCE. The ancient Egyptians believed that the depictions of these inanimate objects would become real in the afterlife if buried with the deceased.

It remains a highly sought genre for its decorative purposes. If you take a look back at still life art from previous eras, it can tell a story of how our world and society has evolved. From the product or artefact subjects themselves, to the stylistic representation of those subjects. 

 Our range of still life art prints will merge harmoniously into any room of your home. We have options that range from striking, to calming and restrained.

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