Hey Catch up! All art prints sold without a frame – but you can request a frame of your choice!  

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Dimensions157 × 1 × 115 cm
Product Type

Framed, Fine Art Paper

All ‘I Love Art Prints’ are printed on Ilford Galerie Prestige Archival paper, a smooth fine art paper that has a warm-white tone.  There will be a 10 cm paper border around your print, giving you design choice when it comes to framing.  Incredible durability and longevity, crisp and vivid colours.  Any requests on size or product alterations – such as framing may be possible.     

Unsettled Waters


Unsettled waters is a contemporary seascape abstract art print.  It has a vertical depth where you are scanning the picture up and down.   The composition of this art print is structured into thirds so there is no vanishing point as such.  Lines and shapes seem to congregate and then disperse as if it were floating up, in and around and away.