Hey Catch up! All art prints sold without a frame – but you can request a frame of your choice!  

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Dimensions60 × 1 × 50 cm
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Framed, Fine Art Paper

All ‘I Love Art Prints’ are printed on Ilford Galerie Prestige Archival paper, a smooth fine art paper that has a warm-white tone.  There will be a 10 cm paper border around your print, giving you design choice when it comes to framing.  Incredible durability and longevity, crisp and vivid colours.  Any requests on size or product alterations – such as framing may be possible.     

Spring time - Square


Spring time as an art print comes in two sized dimensions, a square and a rectangle format.   The image is all about springtime.  An image designed to look light, warm and free after the cold hibernation of winter.  Because of the luxurious rich yellow and warm black, the art print will look best hung on a dark wall – see gallery for interior idea.  The art print is small, so you know not to hang it on its own on a large wall space.  The rule in design is to try and connect an association with it.  This could be a simple soft furnishing that has a similar William Morris design.  Henri Matisse who belonged to the Fauvist Movement of the 20th century, often used collage to create light lyrical designs.  This use of pattern was very much a part of the French graphic advertising and couture industry set of the 1950’s.  Matisse during the later part of his life had a car accident.  Whilst convalescing he used collage as a new way of creating art.  Once a painter, he now worked with the immediacy of cutting out shapes that resembled organic life.   In his earlier life as an painter, familiar with many young artists, he borrowed styles off his contemporaries and those that lived before him.  It was his work with collage that Mattise found himself.  Very colouful, light and lyrical with repetitive shapes placed together.