Hey Catch up! All art prints sold without a frame – but you can request a frame of your choice!  

Additional information

Dimensions40 × 1 × 30 cm
Product Type

Framed, Fine Art Paper

All ‘I Love Art Prints’ are printed on Ilford Galerie Prestige Archival paper, a smooth fine art paper that has a warm-white tone.  There will be a 10 cm paper border around your print, giving you design choice when it comes to framing.  Incredible durability and longevity, crisp and vivid colours.  Any requests on size or product alterations – such as framing may be possible.     

Classic Auto Prints - My little hog


As they say, it’s all in the detail.  This little gem of a print gives a beaut surprise!  What a cool idea to have a hog on as an ornamental feature on a car bonnet.  So the art print focuses on this small object of design.  The art print works well together as part of a series.  See an example of this arrangement in a room with the photo added to this page.